Thursday, February 26, 2009

Myrtle Beach Marathon 2009

On February 14, 2009 I ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Running right by my side was my good friend Katrina Jayne, who by the way, did all the training runs with me too. What a great friend! We missed Kim Blevins who did most of the training with us, but got a foot injury on our 16 miler. (I'm sure she will be there next marathon!) My lifelong bestest friend, Michele Hansen came all the way from Utah to run it with us. And our other running buddy, Kelli George came with Michele from Utah and ran the half. We all crossed the finish line with no injuries, so I'm calling the day a success.
I had actually been sick for about a week and a half before the race and on Thursday, I still had a slight fever. I was so sad to think I couldn't run. But by Friday morning, I was feeling a little better and I decided to try it. I just thought if I went slow I could make it. So, that's what we did. Thank you Katrina for slowing down for me. I know she could've finished a lot faster without me, but it was so great to have her running with me the last few miles!
Thanks to Katrina for letting me have some pictures of the marathon so I could post them! We all had such a great weekend. I would say that it was a fun weekend, but there were times when it wasn't fun at all! But, the point is that running a marathon is a test in extreme endurance and is really hard at times, but there is no other feeling like crossing the finish line. And when you finish the race with friends who you have trained with and who you care about, it makes it even more awesome! The first picture is of Katrina and me before we started. And if you are asking yourself if that is a trash bag that I'm wearing, the answer is yes. Trash bags really help keep you warm and are disposable so you can toss it after a mile or two.

This is a picture of the new timing chip that they used this year. This little plastic thing records your time as you run over a computer pad at different points in the race. It is disposable so we didn't have to stop at the finish line and unlace our shoe to give it back. It sounds like a small thing, but right after 26.2 miles, the last thing you want to do is unlace your shoe! We love the new ChronoTrack timing chip!

At mile 18 it started to sprinkle and by mile 20 it was pouring down rain. (and it started to get cold) So I was thrilled to see Joy and Bud at mile 20 with my jacket and a pair of dry shoes. I wouldn't have made it without my support crew!! Thanks guys! Notice that Katrina was smart and carried a plastic poncho. I guess with a temp of almost 60 degrees at the starting line, I was in denial that the weather would turn ugly.

Here are the marathon finishers! They gave us heart shaped medals because it was Valentines Day! I can't think of a better thing to do on heart day than run a marathon. Well, maybe a massage and a pedicure would've felt better, but we did go to the hot tub at the resort and pamper our sore muscles.
On to our next challenge! I think Katrina and I are going to do a duathlon in a couple of months. You run 3 then bike 17 then run another 3. Anyone want to join us? The more the merrier!


Beth said...

Good job! You're such an inspiration.

Elaine said...

Way to go Jeanette!

Caroline Brock said...

ONLY A LOCKHART WOMAN WOULD RUN A MARATHON WITH A FEVER. Reminds me of the annual "women only" tubing trips at the lockhart reunion when the non-lockhart women watch the lockhart women hang on to the rope with their legs dangling in the wind.....I don't know wether or to applaud you or shake my head in wonder!!!! I think today it's applause. Wish I knew you were running--I would have driven to the finish line to see you!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jeannette!

I think the Blevins curse has got me...I tweaked my ankle on a recent run.

Duathlon sounds like fun! Maybe I can convince Micah it's time for a bike purchase...

Rebecca said...

Randy wants to know more about your duathalon. You know he has a bike!!