Thursday, February 12, 2009

Justin Gets His Mission Call!

Last night we all sat around the speaker-phone and listened while Justin and a few hundred of his closest friends opened his mission call. We were all thrilled to hear that he has been called to serve in the Argentina, Buenos Aires North Mission. My sister Jill and her family were there along with many other friends and relatives. Thanks everyone for all the good wishes and support. Justin is going to have a great mission!


Elaine said...

Yay! So exciting! I loved both the videos. Thanks for posting them so we could see it too! Congrats to Justin!

Caroline Brock said...

Aaron and I loved watching the video! What a great idea to film that moment!! We felt like we were a part of the big day!! Congratulations Justin!! two of my three brothers went to Argentina! Does he leave May 20th like William??

Jennifer Knight said...

Hi Jeanette (I feel like I should call you Sis. Hales even though it's a blog...) I was blog-hopping this afternoon and came across your blog. What an exciting time for your family! Feel free to check in on my blog and I will have to send you an invite to the Dunn YW private blog.